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What data loss prevention systems and tactics can do now

Learn what's new with DLP and how these advances can affect the management and maintenance of data loss prevention tools.


Data loss prevention systems aren’t just for large enterprises anymore, now that companies of all sizes are subject to hacker attacks. But installing and managing a DLP system is a major security undertaking that can at times overwhelm smaller IT security teams.

This guide to DLP aims to inform and advise infosec pros about what’s new in data loss prevention systems, including cloud access security brokers. It also covers a variety of DLP-management issues, including compliance requirements and how mainstream corporate applications, like Office 365, are developing features to aid in the protection against data loss.

1What's new-

Get up to speed on what's new in DLP

Threats to company data are evolving rapidly and, in response, so are the capabilities of DLP systems that vendors offer. In this section learn what it takes to keep data loss prevention systems running effectively and what new issues require the security team's attention now.


'Holistic' data protection tools, a marketing meme on the rise

Though vendors are calling their data protection products 'holistic,' they should blend security and disaster recovery services to improve their functionality. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Data protection report finds 'availability gap' hurting IT growth

Many organizations face the danger of falling through data protection gaps, according to a recent survey. Eighty-two percent of organizations agreed or strongly agreed that they have an ... Continue Reading


Data at rest security rises in an era of increasing cybercrime

Data is encrypted and firewalls erected everywhere it travels -- but data at rest in the data center is often left unsupervised. With the rise in cybercrime, this data needs a babysitter. Continue Reading


Content tracking, analytics hold the key to endpoint data protection

Datacastle CEO Ron Faith points out what some businesses are doing wrong when it comes to handling data, and what they should do differently to track and back up endpoints. Continue Reading


How data obfuscation techniques can help protect enterprises

Data obfuscation techniques can help enterprises protect corporate information and limit risks of data exposure or leaks. Expert Ajay Kumar explains how these techniques work. Continue Reading

2Cloud DLP-

How cloud affects company data loss prevention systems

The latest advance in data loss prevention systems involves cloud. If you haven't already, it's time to look at how cloud could become part of your DLP strategy. There are both security advantages but also new concerns that come from moving data out of the corporate data center and into the cloud. Learn what they are, in this section, and gain insights into how to handle them.


Cloud DLP: Can gateways rise to the challenge?

Cloud access security brokers are quickly emerging as the technology of choice for enterprises seeking to implement data loss prevention controls in the cloud. Continue Reading


How to ensure a secure data transport of information in the cloud

A secure data transport of information stored in the cloud can be challenging. Expert Frank Siemons explains the options available to companies for securing physical data movement. Continue Reading


How the cloud fits in an enterprise data protection strategy

Questions to ask when deciding which cloud services to use for backup, disaster recovery and other parts of your data protection strategy. Continue Reading


Patent group prepares for tough data protection laws by moving HR to the cloud

CPA Global to replace ERP-based HR system as it gears up to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation Continue Reading

3Managing DLP-

How to manage and maintain data loss prevention systems

Implementing an effective data loss prevention system is a major accomplishment, but how to keep it humming? Widely used applications like Office 365 can help. Learn more about managing DLP, including weaknesses to watch for and how mobile affects the security of corporate data.


Locating, and fixing, weaknesses in your DLP system

DLP systems are becoming a necessity, but their weaknesses need to be tightened to ensure enterprise asset security. Expert Kevin Beaver explains what areas to focus on. Continue Reading


Office 365 expands its data loss prevention features

Microsoft bolstered the data loss prevention features in Office 365 to protect more than just email. Learn how to expand DLP protection to SharePoint and OneDrive. Continue Reading


How to set Office 365 DLP policies with PowerShell

Exchange administrators can use PowerShell to manage Office 365 compliance, e-discovery and data loss prevention. Continue Reading


Multiple cybersecurity tools protect data on all levels

IT security is more complicated than erecting a fence. It takes a series of gates, surveillance and both configuration and patch management -- not to mention a keen IT ops admin. Continue Reading


Wanna laugh? Data protection techniques give ransomware the boot

Done right, data protection such as cloud-based disaster recovery is the best countermeasure organizations have against insidious ransomware attacks. Continue Reading

4DLP dictionary-

Your data loss prevention dictionary

Learning DLP lingo aids understanding, as well as your efforts to improve data loss prevention systems and methods.

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