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May 2015

New boundaries: Four strategies for perimeter network security

Perimeter network security at most organizations has evolved beyond "four walls." Many of today's data centers are no longer on-premises. As cloud and mobile technologies extend the reach of network infrastructure, the notion of a network edge that relies on endpoint security no longer makes much sense. New network security models are required to define the network perimeter and how it can be defended. In this issue of Information Security, we look at four enterprise strategies for perimeter network defense, as companies move beyond traditional firewalls and network access control systems. Is the concept of the perimeter network dead, or is it simply being redefined as enterprises face new security challenges in the cloud and mobile era?

The API economy has swept across a wide range of industries and is even penetrating government. APIs provide a great opportunity for organizations to begin to integrate systems and data. However, decision makers need to think hard about the impact of doing that and the unintended consequences. We look at API security and the rise of API management platforms and gateways as organizations attempt to address security issues.

President Barack Obama issued an executive order in February with the goal of fostering partnerships between business and government agencies to promote the sharing of cybersecurity information on a voluntary basis. While the executive order did not define the parameters of the cyber-risk and incident information sharing, it did stipulate that any collaboration should preserve the confidentiality of business and personal data as well as the privacy and civil liberties of individuals. In this issue, we look at which artifacts should be shared and how companies can benefit by participating in collaboration and information sharing and analysis centers.

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