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January 2002

Next-gen SIM includes centralization of third-party security devices

High above the battleground, airplanes called AWACS (airborne warning and control system) serve as flying centers for surveillance, command and control, giving military commanders real-time information about what's happening in their theater of operations. In the business enterprise, the IT/security manager is the commander, and the theater of operation encompasses every node, every subnet and every enforcement point across the network. In this battlefield, the front lines extend throughout the enterprise, protected in multiple layers by firewalls, intrusion detection systems and access control lists. The stakes are high: Those who fail to see the complete theater of operations risk costly exploits and exposures of protected data. The mission is clear-cut: centrally manage security data from disparate access points; analyze and understand attack patterns across the network; respond to emerging threats in real time; and update remote devices when new threats and vulnerabilities emerge. However, the means of achieving these ends ...

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