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December 2013 Vol. 15 / No. 10

Banking on intelligence-driven security

This year, 2013, has proven to be yet another record-breaker for information security teams -- more data, sophisticated hacks, new adversaries and greater motivation for attack. We've also hit an inflection point: I'm now officially fielding information security questions from my family almost as often as I am from my boss. Information security has become a mainstream topic. We already manage the information security risks of an explosively innovative world, with 7.1 billion people and more than six billion mobile phones. We're responsible for evaluating a world in which Facebook has grown so fast that one in seven people (approximately 1.15 billion) now share information socially. We've accepted that computers don't stay secure over time and we put in systems and processes to patch them on a continual basis. And we're all working on the ramifications, risks and rewards associated with cloud computing and the bring-your-own-device phenomenon. These things alone are enough to keep any competent CISO busy in the extreme. Jason ...

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