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May 2016

A network segment strategy protects data by design

Flat networks, and those lacking proper network segment design, allow attackers to turn a beachhead into a wider compromise, changing a minor problem into a really bad day for security managers. Target and other companies had breaches that were infinitely worse because attackers were able to easily move around the network. Yet logical segmentation, such as the widespread use of VLANs, is giving way to credential-based rules and virtual network segment strategies. In this issue of Information Security, we look at what you should be doing to improve your network security infrastructure.

CISOs and others agree that enterprise encryption has many merits, but they also admit it comes with a number of challenges that need to be addressed if real success is to be achieved. Key management is a primary concern because attackers often have a pretty good idea of where to look. And, as Apple has discovered, encryption does not make you immune from regulatory scrutiny or interference. Enterprise encryption is a powerful tool, but its implementation presents its own set of perils. The content here will help you navigate the technology and regulatory issues.

We continue our Readers' Top Picks series with a look at SIEM tools. TechTarget polled 510 IT and security professionals at medium-to-large enterprises who told us that they had active SIEM, log management or advanced analytics projects or technology purchases in the next 12 months. We share the shortlist of products and features from readers who indicated plans to invest in SIEM tools.

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