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June 2011

Get actionable results from a security information management system

Security information management, or SIM, is the discipline and technology used to collect security information from log files and other sources in order to detect and react to security events. SIM is a lot broader still. Today’s servers, network devices and applications generate enormous amounts of logs and an infinite variety of information. That mountain of data can be analyzed, correlated and filtered to arrive at a myriad of conclusions related to security, compliance and application performance to name just a few. With so many possible uses, a SIM solution must be focused or it will succumb to information overload, performance problems and become unusable. SET LIMITED GOALS FOR SIM The function of SIM is to find indications of specific security events in a large set of security events. In plain terms, SIM is about finding a needle in a … needle stack. It is a difficult task to begin with, yet many companies make it even more difficult by trying to do too much with SIM, effectively making the “needle stack” bigger and bigger...

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