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June 2011

IT consumerization drives new security thinking

About two years ago, Thomson Reuters began tackling a problematic phenomenon that was emerging for enterprises worldwide: Employees bringing their smartphones and other computing gadgets into the workplace. While companies can lock down corporate-owned mobile devices with policies and established technologies such as BlackBerry Enterprise Server, these personally owned systems require a whole new way of thinking. “We knew data would be on devices that we didn’t control and wanted something that was Blackberry-like to manage those devices,” says Tim Mathias, senior director of IT security at Thomson Reuters. “The problem was we didn’t own the device, so we started looking at the technology, policies and standards within the company and challenged ourselves to come up with some policies that would protect the company but allow individuals to use a device of their choice.” The New York-based information giant – which has 55,000 employees in more than 100 countries worldwide – is taking a multi-level approach to deal with the ...

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