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May 2003

Kevin Mitnick security conference shrouded in secrecy

Would anyone who wants to attend Kevin Mitnick's "360º Security Summit" please stand up? I dare you! I double dare you...and you know you can't say no to a double dare. Mitnick is trying to shield his guests from the scrutiny and ridicule that would most certainly follow their soliciting advice from a convicted hacker. Our favorite ex-con is making his first foray into the world of self-promoting infosec conferences under a veil of secrecy. Only accepted C-level applicants will be allowed to attend his two-day event at an undisclosed location, and the $4,995 fee must be paid in advance. Attendees' identities will be kept confidential, and a nondisclosure agreement on the application form intends to keep details about the October retreat equally cloaked. The location won't be revealed until 45 days before the event, and even then attendees must get their travel agents to sign NDAs before booking flights. This is really covert, kind of like that "double secret probation" in Animal House. This exclusiveness also means no onlookers,...

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