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July/August 2007

Ping: Dave Drab

Dave Drab is a rarity. A career FBI man who started out in the identification division and spent a number of years bringing down various Mafia families in the Midwest, Drab recognized early on the growing importance of computers in criminal investigations. Now the head of information and content security services at Xerox Global Services, Drab puts his expertise to work in protecting customers' most valuable assets: intellectual property. Dave Drab How big was the insider threat to intellectual property seven or eight years ago when you were with the FBI and were involved in the case that produced the first indictment under the Economic Espionage Act? Before we encountered this new world that we live in today--that's highly globalized and highly technical with Internet connectivity, digitalization of all information assets, diversified business models and new technologies that are constantly inundating the business environment--we began to see that the traditional methods of protecting information had changed. In the old sense, ...

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