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December 2003

Dan Kaminsky updates scanrand free IP port scanner

Look out Nmap and Nessus, Dan Kaminsky continues to refine his stateless scanrand auditing tool -- making it fast and efficient. Kaminsky, a security strategist at Avaya, built the freeware tool to reap the wealth of information about networked devices contained in IP packets. By flooding a network with simple requests, scanrand prompts a return of data about a network's topology and population. "Networks have the capacity to throw a lot of packets around, so let's use that to identify what's out there quickly," Kaminsky explains. Scanrand was built for speed, able to scan roughly 65,000 IP addresses in a private network in about four seconds. In scanrand 2.0, Kaminsky pipes the raw data into a SQL database, through which users can easily organize and parse the data into actionable intelligence. For instance, users can not only discover a rogue machine on their network, but also see the pathways feeding it and the machine's open ports. "You now have more detailed data mining on a more temporal field," Kaminsky says. "I have a ...

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