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November 2003

Combo malware: Six ways to thwart it

Deploy AV throughout the enterprise. Most organizations deploy AV tools solely on desktops and laptops. A solid AV strategy involves AV on end-user systems, mail servers and file servers. Most AV vendors quickly release signatures that detect and eradicate the latest malware. For particularly fast-spreading malware, though, AV isn't enough. Signatures take time to develop, download and deploy. We must do more. Also see Fear factor: Malicious code and why the worst is yet to come by Ed Skoudis Use file integrity checkers to create a database of digital fingerprints for critical files and to see if your machine has been altered. Deploy tools such as the freeware version of Tripwire and commercial version, and freeware AIDE. They help detect a worm as it starts whacking files and user-mode rootkits when the bad guys start altering your operating system. File integrity checkers can also simplify post-malware cleanup by identifying which files have been altered. System hardening and patching is essential. We've heard this a million ...

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