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November 2003

Post Trustworthy Computing: Stop whining about Microsoft security

So, Steve Ballmer is on the PR warpath again, promising all sorts of new security goodies for long-suffering Windows admins. In separate speeches in October, Ballmer huffed and puffed about how Redmond will ease our patching pains, upgrade security in XP, Win2003, ISA server and more. "Let me make sure I talk about and really dramatize how much we understand the need to improve security," Ballmer told a group of Microsoft partners in New Orleans last month. Hmmm ... where have we heard that before? January 2002: Bill Gates, unveiling the "Trustworthy Computing" initiative, calls security Microsoft's "highest priority." "When we face a choice between adding features and resolving security issues, we need to choose security." April 2001: David Thompson, a Microsoft VP, promotes the company's new Secure Windows Initiative: "In an increasingly interconnected world, Microsoft is delivering the products, technologies and services that empower safe, secure and trustworthy computing for customers." July 2000: Steve Lipner, then-manager ...

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