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July/August 2011

The threat landscape and Web 2.0 technologies

There’s been a lot of talk lately about Web. 2.0 --Web applications that facilitate sharing, collaboration and user-managed design, such as social media, blogs and wikis -- greatly expanding the threat landscape. The first time I heard this, I didn’t take it seriously because it was made by someone outside of information security. However, as of late, fellow information security professionals have begun to make the same or similar assertions. Frankly, the threat landscape has not expanded because of Web 2.0. Threat Considerations Web 2.0 may represent another attack vector, but the same old threat landscape exists. Even without Web 2.0, technology still is highly vulnerable to threats and attack. Humans make technology. As much as we want to be perfect, we are not. Sure, companies can embed quality checks into technology; however, the dynamic life of technology makes it hard to match quality 100 percent of the time. Case in point, the non-profit Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is doing a fantastic job of ...

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