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October 2014 Vol. 16 / No. 8

Continuous monitoring program demystified

For many security teams, "continuous monitoring" is a vague concept associated with FISMA compliance. A continuous monitoring program can be simple or complex, depending on your technology, budget, and compliance and security requirements. Even for enterprises that fall outside of the 2012 FISMA mandate, continuous monitoring is still worth the investment, says Dave Shackleford, who explains the technology and implementation in this month's cover story.

Adam Rice looks at the advanced persistent threat (APT) and its role in the collection part of the classic intelligence cycle. Find out what happens once an APT campaign begins and how the elevation of APT techniques and tools is changing enterprise security tactics. The chief information security officer's role sparks heated debate. How has the job changed as a steady stream of household name companies face brand-damaging data breaches?

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