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November 2004

Options for enterprise outsourcing security services

Trust has always been a big issue with managed security services. CISOs and security pros loathe the idea of putting enterprise security in the hands of outsiders. Some larger enterprises would license monitoring and correlation technology, but wouldn't use the service. Widespread, wholesale security outsourcing? Not on their watch. Who can blame them, especially with the lackluster record of early MSSPs? Everyone remembers the implosions of The Salinas Group and Pilot Networks, which shut down without warning, leaving their customers defenseless. But that's changing. Now, it's all about dollar signs. Outsourcing anything not core to the business makes fiscal sense. The outsourcing model provides more flexibility in accounting and allows security to be expensed as monthly services. This rationale is meaningless to security pros, but it's a big deal to the bean counters. By outsourcing some or all of your security operations, you gain expert personnel without the expense of training and salaries, 24/7 monitoring without the ...

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  • SSO benefits: Security booster or improving end user experience?

    by  Lawrence M. Walsh

    Enterprise single sign-on all about simplicity and improving end user experience, security is just a side benefit. Learn why this is true, as well as other technologies that both reduce complexity and improve security.

  • Hot Pick: Sentivist IPS

    by  James Foster

    Learn how NFR Security's Sentivist IPS detects attacks with few false positives and automated response features that won't break mission-critical apps.

  • Spycatcher Enterprise 3.2

    by  Ryan Guzal

    Learn if Tenebril's Spycatcher Enterprise 3.2 can help those looking to win the war on spyware.