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November 2004

Password security issues: How enterprise single sign-on can help

It takes more than a stamp and a carrier to get a letter from the mailbox to its destination; an army of U.S. Postal Service employees collect, sort, process and deliver more than 600 million pieces of mail on a daily basis. To move the mail across the network of 37,000 locations, Postal Service workers must access mail processing systems, tracking and distribution software, scheduling and financial recordkeeping databases and the usual array of office applications. The average user has 10 unique identities, higher than the six-to-eight average of most enterprises. Stretch that across 300,000 regular computer users and the dizzying array of applications they touch every day, and you've got a lot of pain, says Bob Otto, the Postal Service's CTO. "If users can't remember their passwords, they'll write them on sticky notes and post them on their monitors, or call our help desk, which costs us money and lost productivity," says Otto. "We wanted to simplify." Otto's solution: enterprise single sign-on (eSSO), the dream of network ...

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  • SSO benefits: Security booster or improving end user experience?

    by  Lawrence M. Walsh

    Enterprise single sign-on all about simplicity and improving end user experience, security is just a side benefit. Learn why this is true, as well as other technologies that both reduce complexity and improve security.

  • Hot Pick: Sentivist IPS

    by  James Foster

    Learn how NFR Security's Sentivist IPS detects attacks with few false positives and automated response features that won't break mission-critical apps.

  • Spycatcher Enterprise 3.2

    by  Ryan Guzal

    Learn if Tenebril's Spycatcher Enterprise 3.2 can help those looking to win the war on spyware.