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November 2004

The evolution of the information security specialist

Yesterday's network security architecture doesn't cut it anymore. Firewalls aren't obsolete, but clearly the moat-and-drawbridge approach to Internet defense is less effective than it used to be. Defenses are changing and evolving to meet the new vulnerabilities, threats and operational realities of enterprises. The same can be said of information security specialists -- those of us who are highly trained in the mysterious art of enterprise protection. Our once-specialized tasks are being shifted to mainstream IT admins not through a cycle of obsolescence, but an evolution of form and function. The security practitioner isn't necessarily going the way of the dodo bird. We're surfacing to take on emerging threats and problems-securing Web services and pleasing regulators. At the same time, the operational necessities of contemporary enterprises are forcing admins -- and even users -- to take on greater security roles. Today's WAN has so many doors, we can no longer expect to have a security specialist standing guard at each one. ...

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  • SSO benefits: Security booster or improving end user experience?

    by  Lawrence M. Walsh

    Enterprise single sign-on all about simplicity and improving end user experience, security is just a side benefit. Learn why this is true, as well as other technologies that both reduce complexity and improve security.

  • Hot Pick: Sentivist IPS

    by  James Foster

    Learn how NFR Security's Sentivist IPS detects attacks with few false positives and automated response features that won't break mission-critical apps.

  • Spycatcher Enterprise 3.2

    by  Ryan Guzal

    Learn if Tenebril's Spycatcher Enterprise 3.2 can help those looking to win the war on spyware.