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Special Edition, October 2014

Devices, data and how enterprise mobile management reconciles the two

The bring your own device (BYOD) movement, which has flooded the enterprise with employee-owned smartphones, tablets, phablets and purse-sized laptops, has complicated even more the job of information security pros. Mobile device management (MDM) was an initial effort to change with the times while protecting the "corporate jewels"—corporate data. But it wasn’t enough. Enterprise mobile management (EMM) has taken over as the preferred approach to making the BYOD era more secure.

This Insider Edition considers how EMM is different from than MDM, and how it might even be better. It also examines how EMM features support security policy objectives and how to implement and manage EMM as a part of day-to-day device security. Finally, this e-zine will consider how security teams can align their needs with those of MIS departments to ensure EMM product purchases meet both groups' objectives.

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