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March 2003

Roundtable: Advice on IT security budget management

Participants Bill Boni Chief Information Security Officer, Motorola Bryan Palma Chief Information Security Officer, PepsiCo Thomas Madden Chief Information Security Officer, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Warren Axelrod Director, Global Information Security, Pershing LLC INFORMATION SECURITY MAGAZINE (ISM): Lack of security budget is often cited as an obstacle to effective IT security. Is this a reality, or are we just not spending money on the right things? PALMA: I think some people have the wrong mind-set. Whenever you position security as a silo--a specific technology or product solution--it's very difficult to increase overall funding. Regardless of what your business is, you have to make a direct connection between information security and the business needs. BONI: I agree, and one of the reasons that mind-set is so common is that security is often characterized in binary terms: "I need to be absolutely sure I've eliminated X risk." But security isn't an absolute. It's about defining acceptable levels of risk ...

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