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November 2011

Marcus Ranum chat: Information security monitoring

Marcus Ranum: Richard, thanks for taking the time to talk; it’s been a while and we’ve got a lot to catch up on! In the last couple of years we’ve seen a marketing push over advanced persistent threats (APT), a campaign attacking security companies, and the Aurora/Shady Rat attacks. I assume you’re still a fan of network security monitoring? It’s always seemed to me we,as a community, have been cutting costs in the wrong place. We need more monitoring, analysis and brainpower. Where do you see things going? Richard Bejtlich: It's been quite a ride the last few years, indeed. Overall, I think there’s a growing sense that becoming an intrusion victim is a possibility for lots of organizations, and a certainty for many depending on the sector and assets at stake. Enough of a variety of organizations have been compromised that many executives are asking, “Are we next? How would we know?” and similar tough questions. As a result, we're seeing increased interest in “Are we compromised?” assessments, rather than “Are we vulnerable?” ...

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