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November 2011

The lack of computer security: We’re all responsible

As we all know, non-stop reports of data breaches, data losses and hacking claims have put the spotlight on the state of information security. The constant negative attention on security is causing my mom, friends and neighbors to constantly ask, “What is wrong with security?! Why can’t these companies get it right?!” My answers are numerous and complicated; they are black, white, and gray. I ask myself, my peers, clients, vendors and security friends the same question and their answers are numerous, complicated and subjective, to say the least. The reality is each and every one of us is responsible for what’s wrong with security. Each participant in security must step up and improve the effectiveness of his or her involvement. Here’s what I hear as some of the most common explanations for the lack of computer security, along with suggestions for improvement: Security manager “I do not have time to deal with the audits, the scan results, the IDS events, the firewall policy changes, the security policy, etc. across the entire ...

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