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July/August 2012

Cyberspace protection requires government collaboration with industry

There are several pre-eminent facts that stand out when one is examining cyberspace. For starters, success in today’s dynamic cyberspace domain requires immediate access and advanced awareness to leading-edge technologies and thought leaders. This becomes extremely important in a man-made domain where attacks are constant. Having the ability to determine what capabilities are available in commercial technology (COTS) to support government or private sector requirements is critical for cyberspace protection. Appreciating that the majority of this intellectual capital resides with the global communities of the private sector makes collaboration with industry paramount. As this domain demands speed and where latency breeds contempt, how do we effectively bridge requirements with capabilities? The interconnectedness of cyberspace with its man‑made origins presents both enormous challenges and significant opportunities, neither of which have been effectively leveraged. With the advent of the Internet more than 40 years ago, we have ...

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