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July/August 2012

Gary McGraw on mobile security: It’s all about mobile software security

You're a geek (well, you are reading this!), so you probably have a smartphone, maybe something cool like a Galaxy Nexus running Android or an iPhone4S. You’re bumming if you still have a rusty old RIM Blackberry, but likely are due for an upgrade any day now,as soon as the lagging corporate policy allows you to switch. You also have a security disaster in your pocket just waiting to happen. Don’t feel bad, we all do. So what is a geek to do about mobile security? I wrote my first article on mobile device security way back in June 2005. In it, I pondered whether cell phones were going to be the next big security target. This was before the massive convergence of computers and phones. Even back then, we saw the storm brewing. In fact, the first real cell phone worm, Cabir, was released in 2004. SMS (or texting as the kids call it) seemed like an even more obvious vector than Bluetooth and, sure enough, there are plenty of SMS-based attacks to be seen. Convergence is all done now, and phones, computers, laptops, and iPads are ...

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