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June 2004

NAC best practices and technologies to meet corporate security policy

Endpoint devices -- laptops, SOHO desktops, public terminals, etc. -- are your biggest security headache. Traveling employees log in without updated AV signatures or the latest OS patches. Home workers may have no AV or firewall protection. And who knows what unauthorized software and spyware are on connecting PCs? Users jacked into your LAN may not be much better off. Even the most up-to-date patching will lag behind the spread of worms and viruses. According to Gartner, 90 % of cyber-attacks through 2005 will involve known vulnerabilities for which a patch or remedy already exists. Policy notwithstanding, internal employees and contractors disable AV scanners, fiddle with registry settings and run Kazaa and Quake on your network. IT security staffers are often skeleton crews that can't keep up with basic patching, much less play cop with noncompliant employees and machines. The secure master build installed on each computer before it's released is often rendered obsolete by the latest vulnerability and exploit. No wonder the ...

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