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May 2014 Vol. 16 / No. 4

Filling the CISO role: Is there any reason enterprises shouldn't?

Due to a string of high-profile data breaches -- and embarrassing incidents like the National Security Agency leaks committed by Edward Snowden -- more companies are debating the business necessity of having good security practices in place. While vendors emphasize the importance of new technology in mitigating security incidents, a number of organizations seem to be overlooking an obvious hole: the lack of a dedicated security pro in the CISO role. The role of chief information security officer has been around for nearly two decades, since Citigroup recruited industry veteran Stephen Katz to fill the position in 1995. Still, despite the increasing prominence of both the position and information security as whole, some large organizations still forgo hiring a dedicated CISO. As the fallout from the epic Target breach continues to rattle the security industry, surprisingly -- or maybe not -- the Fortune 500 retailer lacked a dedicated CISO. The information security program at Target was split among several executives, who ...

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