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June 2010

Information security spending shouldn't be driven by compliance

Do you know what your company's data is worth? I'd like to think you do, otherwise, how can you appropriately allocate security resources to keep that data safe? Chances are, however, you don't know. Otherwise, you wouldn't be spending as much on compliance as you are. Compliance-driven security is being forced upon most of you, and it's an approach that's totally contrary to what you should be doing. If data is indeed king, why aren't you following a data-centric approach to security? A recent RSA/Microsoft/Forrester Research report called "The Value of Corporate Secrets" tried its best to put a value on the data your company either produces--in the form of intellectual property or trade secrets--or collects from customers and partners. Their conclusion: Regulatory pressures force companies to spend close to half of their security budgets on compliance-driven security projects. The problem is that the report estimates that proprietary secrets are twice as valuable as custodial data. From the report: "Secrets comprise 62% of the...

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