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June 2008

Interview: Financial Services CISO David Pollino

As an information security practitioner working in financial services, David Pollino has the task of managing risk associated with potentially fraudulent transactions. He uses predictive analytics, which he describes as an invaluable tool that makes risk management relevant to the business. DAVID POLLINO What is predictive analytics and what does it have to do with information security? Analytics is just a disciplined approach to doing data analysis. Some call it the science of data analysis, but it's basically taking the data you have and having a disciplined control methodology around how you look at the data and analyze it. Most security professionals use some sort of metrics, but analytics is the more disciplined approach – using those metrics to make data-driven decisions. Normally when you move to that level of discipline and sophistication, your methods of gathering the data get more sophisticated. You move beyond Excel or Access databases to potentially using a data warehouse and analytics software like SAS -- those ...

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