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October 2004

Antivirus vendor review 2004: Is AV customer support dying?

Vendors promise solid tech support, but our test found long hold times and poor advice. What really sells security managers on one AV vendor over another? There's no mystery behind antivirus technology. Gateway and host-based applications scan files against signatures for known viruses and apply heuristics to detect the unknown. With persistent maintenance, and a little luck, AV applications can catch most malware. But product loyalty is built through customer support. When security managers are happy with their vendors, they say, "They've been right there whenever we've run into problems." Robust, exciting technology may be the spark that brings vendors and customers together, but support is the stuff of long, happy relationships. With a malware storm always on the horizon, you'd expect AV vendors to have among the best customer support programs. The last thing you'd expect is having to wait an eternity on an 800-number listening to Burt Bacharach melodies only to tell your problem to a call center operator with a checklist of ...

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  • Preventing spyware and third-party attacks

    by  David Geer, Contributor

    Is your IT infrastructure prepared for spyware? In this feature, learn how to prepare your enterprise for spyware and how best to avoid these third-party attacks.

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