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October 2004

Identifying VoIP phone security risks, attacks

Getting enough Viagra spam in your email inbox? Or telemarketing calls with special credit card offers when you're sitting down to dinner? Just wait until you have a VoIP phone on your desk. Secure VoIP Tutorial This page is a part of's learning guide, Secure VoIP tutorial: Understanding VoIP security best practices. With comparatively lower costs than conventional telephony, voice over IP is poised to be the next killer app, with projected market sales of $10 billion. And where the packets go, spam will follow. Imagine coming to work Monday morning to find a voicemail box filled with dozens of spam messages. You'll have to sift through low-rate mortgage pitches, Nigerian money-laundering offers and ads for manhood enlargement pills just to get to your assistant's message that he's calling in sick. In today's market, typical security managers are saying, "No problem! We've got spam licked." Boy, are they wrong. Content analysis of voice data is extremely difficult, since anything that introduces latency will ...

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  • Preventing spyware and third-party attacks

    by  David Geer, Contributor

    Is your IT infrastructure prepared for spyware? In this feature, learn how to prepare your enterprise for spyware and how best to avoid these third-party attacks.

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