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January 2009

Implement security and compliance in a risk management context

IS YOUR CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER your role model? That may be overstating the case, but increasingly, chief information security officers should have a lot in common with their colleagues in finance.As a 21st century CISO has to be more than a technologist, the outstanding CFO is much more than an elevated CPA. "The CFO should be someone who has initiative, is well rounded, and who has broad business sense and broad business experience," says Mark Hogard, CFO of Oklahoma City-based First Capital. "He has to think ahead, think outside the box, and make sure the company is prepared in this ever-changing world." Both positions have become even more demanding in today's compliance-heavy business environment, with unprecedented requirements for data protection, privacy, consumer protection and corporate accountability. Even in the financial services sector where regulatory controls are old hat, the sheer volume of transactions and explosive growth of data has altered the paradigm. Financial services executives call on a new breed of ...

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Features in this issue

  • Product Review: Cenzic Hailstorm Enterprise ARC 5.7

    Web application security has moved from a niceto- have to a must-have requirement, for data protection and compliance. Cenzic's Hailstorm, which we last reviewed in 2005, reflects the growth in the depth and maturity of Web application vulnerability assessment software.

  • Product Review: GoldKey Secure USB Token

    The GoldKey Secure USB Token works with Windows and Macintosh operating systems to provide a secure place to stash encryption keys for virtual disks. By keeping encryption keys on a small, removable USB token, GoldKey simplifies the task of locking away important information on laptops and encourages good security behaviors.

  • Product Review: Hedgehog Enterprise 2.2

    Eight years after the release of Microsoft SQL 2000, we're still looking for help from bolt-on security product vendors to harden and protect critical production database servers. Sentrigo's Hedgehog Enterprise 2.2 is designed to monitor and protect against known and unknown database threats.

Columns in this issue