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January 2009

Interview: Protecting data and IT assets in a recession

Today's economic climate may mean belt tightening for many security officers, but Anthony Meholic already learned how to do more with less when he joined Republic First Bank after working at global powerhouse JPMorgan Chase. The senior vice president and information security officer at the bank, which serves the greater Philadelphia area, knows what it takes to protect corporate assets in a tough economy. How do you think the economic downturn will affect security budgets? It's always been a real chore to justify an information security budget because you can't put a monetary figure on the return on the investment. Information security is there to make sure nothing [bad] happens, so if you're doing your job, nothing [bad] is happening. Given that you're already starting behind the eight ball, the economic upheaval in the banking industry is just going to put more of a burden on security professionals to get more funding. They'll have to learn how to live with less. Take good stock of your resources, the skill sets of your team, ...

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Features in this issue

  • Product Review: Cenzic Hailstorm Enterprise ARC 5.7

    Web application security has moved from a niceto- have to a must-have requirement, for data protection and compliance. Cenzic's Hailstorm, which we last reviewed in 2005, reflects the growth in the depth and maturity of Web application vulnerability assessment software.

  • Product Review: GoldKey Secure USB Token

    The GoldKey Secure USB Token works with Windows and Macintosh operating systems to provide a secure place to stash encryption keys for virtual disks. By keeping encryption keys on a small, removable USB token, GoldKey simplifies the task of locking away important information on laptops and encourages good security behaviors.

  • Product Review: Hedgehog Enterprise 2.2

    Eight years after the release of Microsoft SQL 2000, we're still looking for help from bolt-on security product vendors to harden and protect critical production database servers. Sentrigo's Hedgehog Enterprise 2.2 is designed to monitor and protect against known and unknown database threats.

Columns in this issue