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December 2010

Career advantages of security professional certifications and advanced degrees

Information security professionals have been conditioned to invest in their careers. Whether through traditional methods such as security certification courses or advanced degrees, you have expectations that by achieving these credentials, you will accelerate your career. By investing in yourself, you're on the right track; any investment that helps develop skills, expand knowledge and provide additional education is a good one. However, the expectation that a single common career investment will provide you a competitive advantage over others is unrealistic. The CISSP certification is a prime example of this. When the information security industry was in its formative years, Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSPs), were rare. Holding the CISSP certification provided a much greater advantage over peers who did not. Employers placed a higher value on this designation, and rewarded professionals with advanced compensation and accelerated career paths. Today, the CISSP is much more commonplace and does not ...

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