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April 2014 Vol. 16 / No. 3

Marcus Ranum and Anton Chuvakin explore big data and security

Years into the "big data" hype cycle, most organizations have not tapped into its promise for information security. Why not? Marcus Ranum sits down with Gartner Research Director Anton Chuvakin to find out his latest thinking on big data and security. Dr. Anton Chuvakin Dr. Chuvakin is known for his straight talk on security information and event management (SIEM) as well as big data security and analytics. He is part of the technical professionals unit at Gartner, which focuses on in-depth technical research aimed at helping enterprise architects with their technology projects. Marcus Ranum: Anton, today I thought we could talk about big data and one of the first questions I should ask: Is it still just marketing hype? What do you think big data is? Anton Chuvakin: As I mentioned in a recent blog post, if you fertilize the field of big data with enough marketing hype, something will grow. Well, keep waiting for it. Use of big data analytics approaches for security seems like the most ‘BS-rich' area of the entire InfoSec realm. ...

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