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January 2003

Defining IT security resolutions

Right now, you're probably busy munching on a garden salad or figuring out a way to spend more time with your family. Yes, it's New Year's resolution time, and this year I have a special challenge for you. While driving to the gym or to your kid's piano recital, make a few security-related New Year's resolutions as well. Here are five quick options: Resolution #1: Stop whining about your budget. In virtually every survey we conduct, "lack of budget" is cited as the number one obstacle to effective enterprise security. There are two constants in this field: (1) There will always be another critical vulnerability or worm; and (2) you'll never have the money or resources you think you need to protect against them. As industry veteran Bill Murray says, "The budget fairy is dead." Accept this as a fact of life, and you'll be amazed at all the ways you can do more with less. Resolution #2: Re-examine your vendor relationships. Here's one way to save money. The longer the IT industry remains in the dumper, the better positioned you are...

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