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May 2012

Deploying DP systems: Four DLP best practices for success

Data loss prevention technology is garnering a lot of attention these days thanks to publicized data leaks and increasingly stringent regulatory compliance mandates concerning data protection. While the technology itself is not a regulatory requirement, the ability to identify sensitive or private data, secure it (by rendering it illegible to unauthorized parties via encryption), and prevent its unauthorized disclosure – all objectives of DLP systems – can help organizations stay out of the headlines and meet their compliance and data security goals. However, technology is only one small part of a full-blown DLP implementation. It also requires a significant amount of effort dedicated to strategy, people and process. When DLP deployment projects go wrong, it is usually due to common mistakes that arise in relation to these other non-technical components. Here are four DLP best practices to help ensure your organization’s data loss prevention initiative is a success. 1. Understand your requirements The most critical DLP ...

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