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April 2002

Becky Bace: The IDS security den mother

Q: A former colleague of yours at NSA calls you the "den mother" of intrusion detection research. Did you always want to be an engineer? A: No. I thought I would do something in medicine, but I was diagnosed with epilepsy in my adolescence and was told that no medical school would ever touch me. My grandfather was principal of an elite girls' schools in Tokyo, and my mom went to birthday parties at the Imperial Palace. They lost everything in the war, and she was a war bride. My dad was a self-educated Teamster from a classic Alabama dirt-farmer family. I was one of seven kids raised in Birmingham. Jimmy Hoffa established a scholarship fund, and I was a recipient. In my senior year of high school, while neurologists discussed how to classify my disability, I won the Betty Crocker award for Alabama, which included a scholarship. In 1973, I was the only woman to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham in engineering. When did computing enter the picture? At Alabama. I took my first course as a freshman on a monster IBM ...

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Features in this issue

  • Becky Bace: The IDS security den mother

    by  Richard Thieme

    Former NSA employee and "den mother of computer security" Becky Base built an impressive and successful career that has undeniably influenced the industry.

  • Four computer forensics books worth investigating

    by  Gary C. Kessler & Michael Schirling

    Check out four computer forensics books that can help you learn the ins and outs of computer forensics technology and laws in place to manage cybercrime.

  • Do's and don'ts of building a forensics workstation

    by  Elizabeth A. Genco

    Elizabeth Genco explains the pros and cons of building a forensics workstation from scratch. Read now to learn what forensic tools are beneficial and which ones aren't.

Columns in this issue

  • Secure reads: Wireless Security

    by  Randall K. Nichols & Panos C. Lekkas

    Wireless Security offers a detailed overview of wireless security topics and covers big-picture characteristics of today's wireless security technologies.