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December 2004

Looking forward: Predictions for security 2005

Infosecurity could be in for some rough weather in the coming year. Our forecast shows threats moving in on five major fronts, carrying the potential for widespread damage and unprecedented data loss. Information Security assembled a team of "security weathermen." They've checked the radar, monitored the Doppler, reviewed satellite photos and recorded the Internet's barometric pressure. The forecast is grim. Their consensus: Threats will generally take familiar forms -- exploited browser flaws, destructive worms, DoS attacks, cracked wireless networks and schemes to undermine e-commerce systems. What's fluctuating is the scope and severity of these threats, intensified by increasingly automated hacking tools and enterprises that remain vulnerable despite the clear storm warnings. More reason for concern is that malicious hacking is becoming a growth industry. Underground websites sell customized backdoor and root kit software; and attackers rent armies of compromised systems for spamming, phishing, DoS attacks and identity theft...

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