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April 2007

Viewpoint: Best of breed vs. suites

Suite Music Your article ("Suite Spot," February 2007) makes some valid points on the advantages of using product suites versus best-of-breed products. However, should that product, or vendor, have a significant vulnerability that requires removal or disabling of the suite, then your organization is completely unprotected. There is better protection value in using products from multiple vendors that would produce a more robust protection plan. David M. Hamsik Network integration engineer NCI Information Systems For Your Information (Security) While your article ("Fad or For Real," February 2007) more or less ended up in the right place, I think you're missing the big picture. The precise reason that we call it "information security" and not "computer security" represents a more mature view of what it is. Information is not always on a computer. Computer security is one component of information security, but it is only one component. The larger risk management discipline has been very instrumental in taking the profession to the ...

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