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April 2008

Exploring Security Myths, Misconceptions that Lead to Breaches

Even security-minded organizations can trip up on common misconceptions that lead to breaches and bad publicity. Having worked as a security and IT risk consultant for considerable time, I have to think a lot of companies must subscribe to the "any news is good news" philosophy. Many are taking unacceptable risks with sensitive customer data that will likely end up as front-page fodder. It's not like they don't have security strategies or aren't taking steps to meet regulatory requirements. Organizations stumble when they assume certain solutions provide greater levels of security than they actually do, or that certain processes are immune to security breaches. These assumptions lead to what I call "gotcha moments" that often result in data leaks and negative publicity. Here are some misconceptions and mistakes that can garner a company unwanted media coverage: If it's encrypted, you're safe. Encryption is a great way to protect sensitive information, and if done correctly, helps an organization meet most industry and regulatory...

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