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April 2008

Readers' Choice Awards '08: IT Security Products of the Year

1,600 Readers VOTED 360 Products EVALUATED 48 WINNERS [INSIDE] Antimalware Application Security Authentication Email Security Emerging Markets Emerging Technologies Identity & Access Management Intrusion Detection/Prevention Mobile Data Security Network Access Control Network Firewalls Secure Remote Access SIMs UTM Vulnerability Management Web Security Gateways Wireless Selecting the 2008 Readers' Choice Awards Information Security and presented more than 1,600 readers with some 360 security products, divided into 18 categories. Three categories which failed to draw sufficient reader response are covered in market articles. Respondents were asked to rate each product based on criteria specific to each category. For each criteria, respondents scored the product on a scale of one (poor) to five (excellent). In addition, each criteria was given a weighted percentage to reflect its importance in that category. Winners were based on the cumulative weighted responses for each product category criteria. Editors ...

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