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April 2008

Web security gateways keep Web-based malware at bay

A new breed of integrated technology takes Web-based malware off the menu. Texas is a giant state--a fact Mike Stump was painfully aware of as director of information technology for Roundtable, an independently owned Dairy Queen franchisee. As the company expanded its chain of ice cream stores across the Lone Star State and beyond, a virus outbreak could mean a 10-hour drive from the Lubbock office for him or one of his technicians. "If we had a big problem, we would literally have to drive out to the location, spend a day or maybe even a night depending on how far away it was, to clean off the virus and get the machine back into operational state," Stump says. And infested PCs were becoming all too common as employees took advantage of broadband access to surf the Internet, download MP3s and visit MySpace. Traditional antivirus software wasn't catching the malware that came with the unauthorized Web browsing. Each store has a PC, which among other things, 15 to 30 employees use to clock in and out on and managers use for email,...

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