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April 2006

Ping: Jane Scott Norris

Future CISOs owe a debt of gratitude to people like Jane Scott Norris. Not only is this government veteran a trailblazer as the Department of State's first CISO, but longer than most, she's been outspoken on the need for security managers to learn the businesses they serve. While a technology background is vital, it's not surprising that Norris also thinks more diplomatic skills, such as marketing, speaking, writing and project management, are important for CISOs. Should future CISOs be business people? IT people? Both? I think you need a mix of skills. You definitely need to understand the business you're in. I've been in IT in the state department for almost 20 years, but, having served overseas a lot, I think I understand our business fairly well. That is imperative. Do CISOs really need to learn to speak the language of business? Is that the must-have skill? You need to speak in plain English and not be wed to all those techie acronyms. You need marketing skills; you talk to a lot of people and you've got some good ideas, ...

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Features in this issue

  • Get a Grip!

    MOBILE SECURITY Enterprises need to take control of PDAs, smart phones and other mobile devices to ensure corporate security.

  • Transit Safety

    BITS & BOLTS SSL-encrypted tunnels protect sensitive data traveling the Information Superhighway.

  • E-mail Security

    Tumbleweed's MailGate 5500

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