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April 2006

Security Device Testing

Traffic IQ Pro 1.0 Karalon Price: Starts at $4,800 for one copy Karalon's Traffic IQ Pro 1.0 Karalon's Traffic IQ Pro 1.0 is a good tool for testing security devices that perform packet inspection and validate rules to ensure they are enforcing policy. Even with some rough edges, it's a strong first release that promises to improve. How do you know if your security devices are enforcing policy correctly? It's critical to regularly validate the rules of network and security devices, particularly after changes are made to them. Thinking you're secure when you're not can be worse than not having security in the first place. Karalon's Traffic IQ Pro 1.0 is a well-designed software tool for testing the detection, recognition and response capabilities of devices that perform packet filtering (including those that use network address translation), such as firewalls, IDSes/IPSes, routers and switches. This initial release comes with hundreds of predefined malicious and standard traffic files that test your devices' ability to detect and...

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Features in this issue

  • Get a Grip!

    MOBILE SECURITY Enterprises need to take control of PDAs, smart phones and other mobile devices to ensure corporate security.

  • Transit Safety

    BITS & BOLTS SSL-encrypted tunnels protect sensitive data traveling the Information Superhighway.

  • E-mail Security

    Tumbleweed's MailGate 5500

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