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March 2002

Roundtable: How intelligence systems improve cyberattack response

Information Security magazine hosted a roundtable with four security experts -- Matt Bishop, William Cheswick, Gary Jackson and Phillip Porras -- to discuss the current and future threat landscape – and how enterprises can best address the inevitable issues that will arise. ISM: The purpose of this roundtable is to discuss new technologies and methodologies for automated cyberattack prediction and response, as well as the shift in compsec thinking from a reactive/defensive framework to a predictive/proactive one. Let's begin with the general ideological landscape. Where did we come from? How are we changing? BISHOP: The state of the art in automated response -- in terms of predicting new attacks -- is abysmal. If we can describe attacks, we can detect them when they occur or after they occur. But identifying new attacks is very difficult to do in any kind of automated fashion. In some sense, that's the ideal for a good intrusion detection or intrusion response system. Once we know an attack is under way, assuming we can detect ...

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