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May 2002

Centralized antivirus management: Get a bird's-eye view of AV defenses

Contemporary distributed networking is a complex infrastructure of servers, gateways and workstations -- in some enterprises, numbering thousands of nodes -- all vulnerable to virus infections. The challenge to sysadmins is keeping the AV applications on all of these boxes updated and properly configured before they're infected with the next variant of Anna Kournikova or Nimda. Centralized AV management solutions aim to provide enterprises with a bird's-eye view of their AV defenses and granular command and control. The basic feature set of all AV management suites is the ability to see all users on the network, know what application versions they're running, efficiently and expediently update virus signatures and policies, and receive alerts and other reports. Signature Updates In theory, heuristics scanners will detect and block new and previously undetected malicious code. But because AV heuristics remains an inexact science with high false-positive rates, most AV solutions rely on signature matching-comparing samples of ...

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