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May 2002

How to solve the growing enterprise issue of cyber menace

One of the great ironies of infosecurity is that almost every organization uses AV, yet viruses and worms continue to wipe us out. When you bring this to the attention of the antivirus vendors, they'll calmly explain that no security tool is 100 percent effective, and that as important as AV scanning is, it's only one part of a larger strategy for combating malcode. Fair enough. But whether there are gaps in the technology or gaps in enterprise strategy or gaps in both, this much is clear: whatever we're doing to fight viruses isn't enough. In this Information Security Special Report, we expose the root of today's malcode problem, offering insight on why viruses and worms continue to hit us so hard, as well as practical advice for improving your organization's antivirus posture. The report is broken down into six sections, each exploring a critical aspect of the war on malicious code. How Bad Is It? The first step in defending against any cybersecurity threat is to determine the severity of a given risk. So the first question we...

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