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May 2002

Q&A with Critical Infrastructure Protection board VP Howard Schmidt

Q: You were recently named vice chairman of the Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, but you've said that Richard Clarke, the board's chairman and special advisor to the president on cybersecurity, considers you a "co-chair." How does that sort out? A: The presidential executive order established a chairman and a vice chairman for the Critical Infrastructure Protection Board, which is comprised of 26 senior U.S. government executives. We also have 20 standing committees that are subsets of the board. Beyond the core issues of the board and its subcommittees, there are four basic areas we cover: national security; the security of government systems; outreach, including private/public and state/local/international; and assisting the various law-enforcement communities. Richard and I cross over as necessary, but I'm particularly focused on the outreach and law enforcement/investigative pieces. Richard says we're interchangeable; that's why he says I'm more like a co-chair. Clarke is frequently questioned about the threat of a ...

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