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April 2005

Hot Pick: Sentryware's HIVE 3.0

HIVE 3.0 Sentryware Price: Starts at $16,500 HIVE 3.0 Web hacks are a fact of life. There's no way to guarantee Web application security, given the increasing sophistication of intrusions and the continued use of inherently insecure programming languages, such as C and C++. Sentryware's HIVE 3.0 stands alone with its fresh approach to securing Web apps, user data and corporate brands. The appliance proxies all inbound and outbound transactions to protect Web applications from known and unknown attacks. The magic is in its unique technology, which effectively uses application-layer tokens to proxy each Web transaction and validate requests. Most perimeter-based Web app security products require detailed knowledge of the application and its infrastructure, which translates into time-consuming, often cumbersome deployments. In stark contrast, the only information you need to put HIVE into action is contained in what first appears to be alarmingly scant documentation--alarming until you see how well the product blocks Web-based ...

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Features in this issue

  • Warning Lights

    Evolving risk dashboards will tell how secure you are and when something's wrong.

  • Ready For Takeoff

    Cutting costs was the only way to keep United Airlines flying high. Rich Perez's answer was to rebuild the network.

  • Rights of Passage

    Our tests found that most endpoint security products will enforce policy and network access. Their differences are in the details.

  • Damage Control

    ChoicePoint's Rich Baich faced the perfect storm: a huge security breach, intense media attention and a shareholder revolt. What he needed was an incident response plan to get him out of the hot seat.

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