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April 2005

Warning Lights

TECHKNOWLEDGE Evolving risk dashboards will tell how secure you are and when something's wrong. A car's dashboard provides drivers with all the information they need to operate their vehicle--speed, fuel level, temperature, oil pressure and the all-encompassing "check engine" light. The concept of a security dashboard is very much the same: Under a single pane of glass, a security manager can see the vital statistics in a simple format that reflects the operating efficiency of his defenses, threats, exposures, policy compliance and incident alerts. An example is a display that shows the relationship between a known vulnerability, the number of exposed systems and the staff's remediation progress. Many security vendors offer dashboards for their point solutions, or their products integrate with complementary solutions to show rudimentary intelligence. The state of the art in security dashboards is more focused on events (what's happening now) than posture (what's happening over time). The dream is to have a risk management ...

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Features in this issue

  • Warning Lights

    Evolving risk dashboards will tell how secure you are and when something's wrong.

  • Ready For Takeoff

    Cutting costs was the only way to keep United Airlines flying high. Rich Perez's answer was to rebuild the network.

  • Rights of Passage

    Our tests found that most endpoint security products will enforce policy and network access. Their differences are in the details.

  • Damage Control

    ChoicePoint's Rich Baich faced the perfect storm: a huge security breach, intense media attention and a shareholder revolt. What he needed was an incident response plan to get him out of the hot seat.

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