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April 2011

Information security professionals can't waste this opportunity

If you want to be the next best thing in information security, put aside all those cloud security manuals you're brushing up on. Clear your desk of all those pesky regulations and forget trying to interpret compensating controls and whether they'll fill a compliance checkbox for you. Forget firewall rules, encryption key management, and APT. If you wanna be a rock star, figure out how to bring oversight and direction to your profession. Figure out how to weed through the various and sundry definitions of cybercrime, cyberwar and cyberespionage and stop the confusing juxtapositioning of those three very different notions. Tell us how to reduce the signal-to-noise ration for that trio, and more importantly, clue us in as to who should respond to each, and how. These are indeed interesting times. Things are happening in information security… er, check that, things are becoming public knowledge in information security that indicate a rapid maturation and recognition of the importance of what you do.. We're starting to see what ...

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